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PuckPedia is continually working hard to create tools for the hockey community. If you have any feedback, or suggestions for other tools, please let us know.

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PuckPedia has a suite of private data APIs, including player contracts, team salary cap calculations, transations, trades and much more. We can also create custom API Endpoints for specific use cases. Contact us for pricing information.

PuckPedia Connector is a tool that allows you to easily enhance the content of your hockey website's content with inline player and team data supplied by PuckPedia. This tool will automaticaly convert NHL player and team names on your website into links with real time stats, contract info and salary cap data.

The Link Maker Tool is an alternate method to use the PuckPedia Connector. You can use our Connector Link Maker tool to add simple links to your website content prior to publishing.

The PuckPedia Wordpress Plugin is a drop in plugin that will automatically add PuckPedia Connector functionality to your Wordpress website. Add real-time NHL player contracts, stats and team data directly on your own Wordpress website with minimal effort on your end.

Details coming soon...